Plenary 1.1.: Opening Session                             

- Welcome

- Presentation of the Conference Agenda

- Presentation of Riga Technical University

Chairs: Rafael de Paz (ES) and Thomas Hoffmann (DE)


Uldis Sukovskis, Vice Rector of RTU;
Igors Tipāns, Deputy Rector, International Academic Cooperation and Studies Department of RTU; 
Remigijs Počs, Dean of FEEM 
Inga Lapiņa, Vice Dean of FEEM


Plenary 1.2.:  Opening Session                            

Short introduction of old members (only name, institution and function)

Introduction of new members, 10 min each, ppt to be handed out in advance

Chairs: Inga Lapina (LV) and Rafael de Paz (ES)


Plenary 2: Strategic Partnerships within ERASMUS+

The new ERASMUS+ programme gives new opportunities to enhance co-operation between Higher Education Institutions.  The budget for mobility has been increased so that hopefully mobility will increase as well. Other well-known activities such as Intensive Programmes or Module/curriculum Development do not continue existing any more. In the framework of Key Action 2 within ERASMUS+ so called “Strategic Partnerships” can be funded by the EU.  Therefore, it is not enough to hide a former IP under a new name. A new quality of co-operation should be developed in accordance to the internationalisation strategies of the co-operating institutions. Since 1996, many “projects” such as Intensive Programmes and Module Developments have been born by subgroups of the Nice Network. Will the Nice Network be able to give birth to Strategic Partnerships?

Chair: Thomas Hoffmann (DE)

Input: Rafael de Paz (ES)


Open Tables: Potential Project Fair for Strategic Partnerships

Some Nice Network Colleagues were already thinking of possibilities for strategic partnerships. The following ideas evolved:

  • Blended Learning (Gerard O’Carroll, IE)
  • Placement / Career Services in peripheral regions (Thomas Hoffmann and Janine Wehrstedt, DE)
  • New forms of IP / IPW / ISW (Natalja Lace, LV and Andrea Meyenburg, DE)

These ideas should be discussed with potentially interested network members. As it might be that some members are interested in more than one project, it will be possible to change table once after 45 minutes.

If you have another idea, please feel free to open another table to discuss the idea.

By the end of this session it should be clear if there will be any strategic partnership applications from Nice Network subgroups in 2015 and if yes, who will be the core partners.


Plenary 3: Internationalisation of Curricula

Content: How do you integrate internationalization in the regular curricula of your students? This is not always easy. Roelijn Kok and Gert Valentijn will illustrate good practices by means of practical examples and experiences during this session. They will ask the audience to participate in the discussion by giving their ideas and experiences.

Facilitator: Ewa Oziewicz (PL)

Input: Gert Valentijn (BE), Roelijn Kok (NL)


Plenary 4: Proposals for an organisational framework for the Nice Network

Content: In 2013, the Nice Network decided that the steering committee should find out possibilities to change the status of the Nice Network towards a more formal association. Members of the steering committee will present the opportunities and constraints under Spanish or Irish Law; other members will present the risks of a change and plead for maintenance of the informal “network” status.

Facilitator: Andrea Meyenburg (DE)

Input: Rafael de Paz (ES), Eddie Scully (IE), Inga Lapina (LV), Ewa Oziewicz (PL)


Plenary 5: Final Plenary

Content:  At the beginning, there will be short reports (max 10 min each) from the workshops and Strategic Partnership open tables. Afterwards, there will be a vote on the topics of the previous day:

- Should the Nice Network change organisational structure?

- Should the Nice Network change name or not?

- Are there ideas for a new acronym or logo? (Proposals are welcome)

The venues for 2015 and 2016 should be confirmed during this session as well as the date for 2015 should be decided. The steering committee will be completed by the organiser of the 2015 conference and should be completed by another member. Finally, the venue of the 2015 conference will be presented.

Facilitator: Thomas Hoffmann (DE)

Input: Andrea Meyenburg (DE), workshop reporters