Public Transport

Public transport in Riga is operated by municipal company "Rīgas satiksme". There are bus, trolleybus and tram routes in the city. More information about public transport in Riga is available here.


Buying tickets onboard

Buying ticket onboard is most expensive. The ticket costs 1,20 EUR and is available for cash only.  The ticket is sold by the driver and is valid for one trip. The trip ends when the passenger exits the transport or when terminal stop of the route is reached. In trams of routes 6 and 11 the tickets are available from ticket vending machine onboard for the same price. Please use the exact amount whenever possible, driver usually has limited change.


Prepaid travel cards (E-Talons)

Bying a prepaid travel card (E-Talons) in advance is a cheaper way to travel by public transport in Riga. Trip price starts from 0,60 EUR. Travel cards are available for certain number of trips or for certain time period.

Travel cards are available either from ticket vending machines for cash and credit cards or from newspaper kiosk chain "Narvesen" and many other retail places throughout the city.

After getting onboard, each time the trip has to be registered by bringing the travel card close to any of the card reader device inside the transport. The green light and a short beep will inform the passenger that trip registration was successful. If using the travel card for certain amount of trips, one trip will be deducted and the number of remainig trips will be displayed on the screen of the card reader device. If using the travel card for certain time period, the period starts at the moment of first registration and the validity period of the travel card is displayed on the screen of the card reader device.

Please do not forget to register your trip each time when getting onboard regardless your travel card type!